Geosteering and Formation Evaluation Workshop by NORCE and NFES 2024

3rd Geosteering Workshop by NORCE and NFES

11-13 November, 2024
Stavanger, Norway

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About the event

The 3rd Stavanger Geosteering Workshop Keeps its Local Focus and Global Perspective.

Due to the high cost of offshore operations in a harsh environment, the North Sea is in the top league in developing cutting-edge technologies for formation evaluation and geosteering. Many innovative solutions pioneered for the North Sea are now commercially available worldwide. Extensive research, technology development, and investments in innovation remain the key factors that provide more value for each well delivered in the region, keeping it competitive worldwide. With the increased focus on the green shift, the traditional hydrocarbon projects are joined by wells, which enable the energy industry in a broader sense. Our precious workshops in 2019 and 2022 each gathered almost 100 experts and got excellent feedback. Motivated by the series’ success, NFES and NORCE invite you again to the Oil Capital of Norway (Stavanger) to meet other geosteering experts and share ideas to drive the energy industry forward in the following decades.

Planned Activities

  • Plenary technical presentations
  • Sponsor exhibition
  • Panel discussion: “Where is the geosteering going in the next 10 years?”
  • Kahoot! quiz
  • Possible poster session

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Technical topics

  1. Advancement in Ultra Deep Azimuthal Resistivity (UDAR) Technology and Interpretation
    • New Inversion Algorithms
    • Fast Forward Modeling
    • Quantifying Uncertainty of Acquired UDAR Measurements
    • Using AI and Machine Learning for UDAR Interpretations
  2. Workflows for no-UDAR geosteering and new-energy low-cost operations
    • Geosteering workflows for geothermal, CO2, and civil boring
    • New and Low-Cost Measurement Techniques
    • Interpretation of indeirect information for geosteering
    • Case studies on Exploring Geothermal Resources
    • Case studies on Exploring Natural Hydrogen
    • Case studies on CO2 and Hydrogen Storage
  3. Optimization and Decision-Making in Geosteering
    • Algorithms for Decision-Support and Decision-Making in Geosteering
    • Using AI and Machine Learning for Decision-Making in Geosteering
    • Value of information analysis for geosteering workflows
  4. Advances in Formation Evaluation for Reduction of Subsurface Uncertainty
    • Application of AI for Formation Evaluation
    • Geological Interpretation in Real Time
    • Case Studies on real-time formation evaluation
  5. Post-job part of geosteering workflows. How to utilize the acquired data?
    • Incorporating geosteering data into geological models
    • Integrating geosteering insights into field development plans
    • Cross-Discipline Data Utilization
    • Effective data storage and retrieval systems
    • Developing best practices from past geosteering efforts
    • Case studies on the impact of geosteering data on subsequent operations

Sponsorship and marketing packages available

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The workshop will take place at a historical Sola Strand Hotel with panoramic views of the North Sea, the kitchen serves dishes with local flavors, and a spa where you can relax and discuss geosteering with new friends. The lunches and the dinner are included in the registration fee.

To find more information about the hotel, visit the Sola Strand Hotel website.


The registration will open in Summer 2024. Sign-up for updates.


  • September 1. Deadline for abstracts considered for plenary sessions (150-500 words)
  • September 21. The final program is published, and acceptance notification
  • October 1. Early registration closes
  • October 19. Online registration closes
  • November 11. Conference ice-breaker
  • November 12-13. Workshop dates

Welcome back to Stavanger

Technical Committee

  • Berit Ensted Danielsen (Equinor)
  • David Holbrough (Baker Hughes)
  • David Larsen (Vår Energi)
  • Egil Romsås Fjeldberg (Aker BP)
  • Igor Kuvaev (ROGII)
  • Jean Michel Denichou (SLB)
  • Nazanin Jahani (NORCE)
  • Nigel Clegg (Halliburton)
  • Sergey Alyaev (NORCE / NFES)
  • Sofia Davydycheva (3DEM Holding)

Organizing committee

  • Sergey Alyaev: main organizer, abstract submissions (Senior Research Scientist, NORCE; VP Academia, NFES)
  • Nazanin Jahani: co-organizer, booking (Senior Research Scientist, NORCE)
  • Annette Larsen: sponsorship and marketing packages (General Manager Logtek; VP Sponsorship, NFES)
  • Venkat Jambunathan: program (Petrophysist, Halliburton; VP Program, NFES)