Downhole Evaluation of Integrity Challenges using High Resolution 3D Ultrasonic Imaging (Vishal Sharma, Dark Vision)

The presentation “Downhole Evaluation of Integrity Challenges using High Resolution 3D Ultrasonic Imaging.” will be given by Vishal Sharma, from Dark Vision.


High-resolution acoustic Imaging technology provides offshore operators with a unique method to garner a holistic and actionable assessment of their well integrity. In a single pass, the solid-state imaging technology provides new way of diagnostics and defect characterization in wells. The working principles of the technology overcome legacy downhole tool limitations such as fluid opacity, optical distortion, inferred flux signal analysis, and the requirement for physical contact with the pipe wall. The three-dimensional nature of the data provides operators with the means to extract direct measurements and visually inspect components unlike any legacy technology previously available. This presentation outlines the working principles of the imaging technology and showcases case studies of high-resolution acoustics to increase production rates and decrease operating risks through the advanced burst pressure analysis techniques it unlocks. In addition, this presentation will highlight the real-world visualizations provided to our clients, focusing on severe corrosion, sliding sleeve position confirmation, and threaded connection leak detection.


Vishal has over 13 years of experience in Oil and Gas Services, particularly in wireline data acquisition. He has worked across Middle east, North America, Asia, and Europe during his career. Currently he is the Sales Director for Darkvision’s Scandinavian Business.