Geosteering in Conventional Reservoirs: what can we learn from US unconventional experience? (Igor Kuvaev, ROGII)

The presentation ”Geosteering in Conventional Reservoirs: what can we learn from US unconventional experience?” will be given by Igor Kuvaev, from ROGII.


Modern geosteering happens in a data-rich environment. The geosteerer needs to integrate LWD, mud, gas, and drilling data in real-time to develop an accurate geosteering model for directional drilling recommendations. New approaches in data interpretation have allowed US operators to squeeze more information out of existing data. We will review a number of case studies from US, Australian, and Middle Eastern plays to discuss how we can utilize these new approaches while drilling horizontal wells through conventional carbonate and clastic reservoirs.

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Igor Kuvaev
Igor Kuvaev has 15 years of experience in the Oil and Gas industry. During his career, he has worked as a geophysicist and geologist in the Netherlands, Denmark, Russia, and the USA for multiple service and operating companies with carbonate and clastic fields in various basins. In 2013, Igor co-founded ROGII Inc. The company’s StarSteer geosteering software quickly became one of the most popular geosteering software in the world. In his current role in ROGII Inc., Igor is responsible for the development and delivery of new technologies in the geosteering, modeling, and data science domains.