Enhanced geosteering workflows using vendor-independent stochastic resistivity inversion module. (Danil Nemuschenko, ROGII)


Danil Nemuschenko from ROGII


Alexandra Zaputlyaeva, ROGII


LWD resistivity inversion is commonly used in the modern geosteering workflows as a proactive geosteering method that aids in accurate well placement within the target zone. Besides applying inversion calculation during real time operations, it is essential to perform it for prejob and postjob analysis. Stochastic resistivity inversion module developed by ROGII allows us to perform all essential steps for azimuthal resistivity LWD data interpretation on all the operational stages. Prejob analysis is an important step that is performed prior to the drilling and shows the responses of the selected LWD tools in the geological formations. This analysis allows us to compare different scenarios of the formation behaviour (i.e. faults, formation dip, pinchouts, fluid contacts) to aid upcoming real time geosteering operations. Our stochastic resistivity inversion module is vendor-independent and allows the operator to perform prejob analysis for various BHA configurations. Postjob analysis is essential for geological formation clarification and anisotropy identification. It also allows to perform the uncertainty analysis of the contrast boundary detection. In this presentation, we would like to show the geosteering workflows and several case studies where we have applied the integrated approach of the resistivity module application using our vendor-independent stochastic resistivity inversion module.


Danil Nemuschenko is the head of the geosteering department in ROGII. Danil holds an MSc degree in Geology from the Novosibirsk State University. He has over 9 years’ experience in well placement in conventional and unconventional plays in Russia, United States, United Arab Emirates, Venezuela, and Australia. Prior to joining ROGII he has worked with major service companies such as Schlumberger and Baker Hughes. Danil has worked with almost all types of MWD & LWD tools including high-tier deep azimuthal resistivity tools.