Data liberation driving efficiency and innovation in geosteering (Kelli Randall, Chevron Technical Center)


Kelli Randall from Chevron Technical Center


Chevron’s shale and tight assets have embraced and deployed digital solutions to improve their geosteering performance. Liberating detailed geosteering interpretation data via the cloud has enabled greater team collaboration, increased efficiency for geosteering practitioners, and fueled innovation in big data analytics.


Kelli Randall (BS/MS Geology, Louisiana State University) has over fifteen years of geosteering experience in three basins and seven plays in North America and now serves as the global geosteering subject matter expert at Chevron. She worked Bakken and East Texas/North Louisiana assets at Marathon Oil in Houston, Texas before joining Atlas Energy and then Chevron in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Kelli has translated her broad range of geosteering expertise into practical tools, guidance, and training materials used by geosteering practitioners across Chevron’s global shale and tight asset class. In addition to directing the vision and execution of geosteering-related digital projects, Kelli maintains Chevron’s internal geosteering community of practice.