Cement Plus Shale Bond Evaluation: The Draugen Well Abandonment Story (Vanessa Mendoza Barrón, Snr. Petrophysicist, Norske Shell)

Cement Plus Shale Bond Evaluation: The Draugen Well Abandonment Story

by Vanessa Mendoza Barrón, Snr. Petrophysicist, Norske Shell

was presented on the 1 st of October, 2014.


Many mature fields nowadays are reaching the end of life. With current cost challenges in the North Sea Oil and Gas industry, there is an increased need for a –not only- safe and optimum well abandonment design but cost efficient too.

After more than 20 years of oil production in Draugen, we have recently abandoned a well for the first time in the field. During planning, a re-evaluation of the 1992 CBL (Cement Bond Log) was performed with a refined approach. This methodology was validated and complemented with new generation sonic and ultrasonic data as part of the Abandonment operations: cement bond and creeping shale bond was observed and tested; it all served as basis for design and as input for the Draugen Abandonment Philosophy.

Vanessa Mendoza Barrón, CV

Vanessa has worked for 14 years in the Oil and Gas industry. After receiving her degrees (B.S. in Electronic Engineering and Masters on Business Administration) she obtained wide international experience in logging operations from field positions with Schlumberger Wireline from 2000 to 2007. After that she worked as Petrophysicist in different locations and specialized in the latest Sonic and NMR logging technologies.

She joined Shell in 2012 in Norway and has since been working as Petrophysicist for the Draugen field and Exploration in Norske Shell.