A New Wireline Formation Tester – Case Studies from the Norwegian Continental Shelf (Thomas Pfeiffer, Schlumberger)

A New Wireline Formation Tester – Case Studies from the Norwegian Continental Shelf

by Thomas Pfeiffer, Schlumberger

was presented on the 3 rd of September, 2014


The presentation will show applications of a new formation testing and sampling probe on the Norwegian continental shelf. The presented data examples highlight where this new technology finds its application and compares different probes in terms of clean up behavior, and magnitude of drawdown and mobility range.

Formation pressure measurements, downhole fluid analysis, collecting representative formation fluid samples and interval pressure transient data regularly take part in the formation evaluation program. In some cases good data is difficult to acquire with the legacy technology. Testing and sampling in tight formations, transition zone evaluation and sampling close to saturation pressure are frequent and challenging formation testing applications in Norway. The hardware design differences of the tool are briefly explained flowed by data examples of such challenging formation testing cases.

Thomas Pfeiffer, CV

Thomas is a Principal Reservoir Domain Champion for Schlumberger Wireline in Stavanger. As a subject matter expert Thomas provides technical support to wireline formation testing services and integrates the acquired data in reservoir engineering workflows. He co-authored 13 publications on downhole fluid analysis and formation testing and co-invented two US patent applications. Thomas received his M.S. in electrical engineering in 2001 from the Technical University of Munich, Germany. In 2010 he completed a Masters in Petroleum Engineering at Texas A&M. He joined Schlumberger as a wireline field engineer in January 2002. Assigned locations include the North Sea, central and eastern Europe and the Gulf of Mexico. Thomas lives and works in Stavanger since December 2010.