Advances in Deep Directional Resistivity (Christophe Dupuis, Schlumberger)

Advances in Deep Directional Resistivity

by Christophe Dupuis, Schlumberger

presented on the 8 th of May, 2013.


The Deep Directional Electromagnetic LWD tool has been under field test for the last few years in the North Sea and elsewhere. In this presentation we will show introduce the tool, the multilayer inversion processing, and show an array of different field applications of this new service to date.

The real-time inversion is automatic, runs continuously and does not require user inputs such as shoulder resistivity or expected number of layers. The field tests reviewed show that the service brings value in landing, reservoir delineation and geosteering applications.

Christophe Dupuis, CV

Christophe Dupuis graduated from the Catholic University of Louvain in Belgium in 2005 with a degree in applied mathematics. At Schlumberger, he started in Engineering on the deep directional EM inversion and interpretation team. In 2008 he moved to operations in Norway as Well Placement Engineer, accompanying the deep directional EM tool to the field. His following assignment was in Schlumberger-Doll Research, pioneering the next generation of answer products for the tool. Back in operations, he now looks after the Well Placement business for the North Sea.