“Diamonds in the Noise” – Treasures Lurking in Acoustic Data (Jennifer Market, Senergy)

“Diamonds in the Noise” – Treasures Lurking in Acoustic Data

by Jennifer Market, Senergy

presented on the 3 rd of April, 2013


Modern acoustics tools acquire a wealth of waveform data, which is often analysed for one specific purpose (i.e. pore pressure prediction, porosity, or seismic correlation) and then banished to the archives, bypassing many of the rich applications that can be achieved from further interpreting the data. Examples include fracture characterisation, permeability, wellbore stability, mud alteration effects, drilling-induced damage characterisation, secondary porosity, facies determination, hole size, cement bond quality, geosteering and production optimisation in conventional and unconventional reservoirs. This presentation will review the myriad uses of sonic data as well as recommend which tools are suitable to each application and optimal configurations to get the best quality of data. Also included will be specific considerations of which types of tool and applications are suitable for various environments such as deepwater, unconventional reservoirs, HPHT, and cased hole.

Jennifer Market, CV

Jennifer Market is the borehole acoustics manager for Senergy, an international software and consulting company. She has 15+ years experience in borehole acoustics, working in a service company to develop acoustics tools and applications. She frequently publishes articles for both SPWLA and SPE and was an SPWLA distinguished lecturer in 2008-2009 and 2011-2012.

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