Innovative methods to integrate advanced LWD data set into the field development operations: Experiences and lessons learned from the Ivar Aasen field (Egil Romsås Fjeldberg, Aker BP)


Egil Romsås Fjeldberg from Aker BP


Lodve Hugo Olsborg, Ingrid Sætre Drange and Jon Moen Lippard, Aker BP and Sigurd Nyboe, Motaz Zeidan and Jean-Michel Denichou, SLB


Drilling operations, and horizontal well drilling in particular require an extensive work of planning both for drilling operations, but also for the definition of the objectives of the wells and the drilling target locations. The effort last for months and involve sequentially most of the time various G&G disciplines and create communications between asset teams and drilling department.

Then, once objectives and theoretical ideal trajectory is defined and validated, start the forward modelling effort from LWD services provider, who will; in collaboration with members of the asset team; evaluate the fit for needs measurements and derive from it the BHA design.

This communication is describing how, through successive phase of development of the field, the deep electro-magnetic geosteering interpretation has been integrated into the understanding of the reservoir; and used to help define the following operations’ targets. The experience of the behavior of such measurements and their specific sensitivities to the field’s formations contributed to the evaluation of the benefit they would respectively bring to the geosteering operations.

The Ivar Aasen oilfield started production in December 2016. Since then, new wells have been drilled every year, geosteered with deep reading resistivity. The deep reading data has revealed a very complex reservoir and is utilized directly in modelling of the field for both reservoir flow and future well placement.


Egil Romsås Fjeldberg is a Senior Petrophysicist for AkerBP. He received his master’s degree in Physics from NTNU, Norway in 2004, and a PhD in Materials Science at NTNU in 2009. He joined Equinor in 2009 and moved to Aker BP in 2018.