Core Analysis in the Digital Age (Stefano Pruno, Weatherford Laboratories)

Core Analysis in the Digital Age

by Stefano Pruno, Weatherford Laboratories

was presented on the 3 rd of February 2016.


“Core samples truly represent the ground truth in the search for oil and gas. There are other established sets of integrated parameters such as fluid properties, well data, etc…, but unlocking the secrets of the rock will enable the operator understand the production potential of a reservoir and map out the best well construction scenarios for optimal field production.”

Are these only nice words from a core analysis marketing brochure or can we really get more from the core? Since coring operations and core analysis is expensive and time consuming how can we justify investing in a full core analysis program and maximise the value of core analysis data. Why it is so important to define targets and deliverables for a successful core analysis program?

This NFES lecture will be focused on the recent developments in core analysis, the eternal quest for quality data to accurately define reservoir estimates and improve reservoir modelling.

We will also try to address the more recent and interesting developments in the core analysis field. Digital rock properties and pore network modelling friend or foe?

Stefano Pruno, CV

Weatherford Laboratories Regional Technical Advisor for Core Analysis for Europe and Caspian Region. He has a University background in Geology and Petrophysics (MSc), working in Conventional/Special Core Analysis field for the O&G Industry for approx. 20 years, with Weatherford Laboratories (Norway) for the last 8 years.