Deep Shear Wave Imaging thru Casing (Roman Mirzwinski, Baker)

Deep Shear Wave Imaging thru Casing

by Roman Mirzwinski, Baker

was presented on the 3 rd of June, 2015.


Review of the acoustic dipole imaging technique followed by a case history of a North Sea gas well logged through-casing with XMAC to define near wellbore fractures.

A North Sea well was drilled through a thick evaporite sequence. During drilling, gas shows were observed in the halite section by the mudloggers. No openhole wireline logs were acquired over the interval of interest; however, a full-wave monopole and dipole acoustic log was acquired over the interval of interest after casing had been set. The acoustic imaging processing detected geologic reflector structures through the casing up to 70 feet from the borehole.

Two types of reflectors with different dip angles were mapped out by the imaging. The low dip-angle reflectors are assigned to the formation beds/structures crossing the borehole. High-angle reflectors correspond to fractures and/or faults of large extent in the formation. These acoustic imaging results were then compared to the gas shows observed during drilling and showed a direct correlation to the high-angle reflectors. This technique made it possible to estimate the fracture presence away from the borehole and pathways for gas migration into the borehole.

Roman Mirzwinski, CV

Senior Geoscientist for Baker Hughes Norway based in Stavanger
Name: Roman J. Mirzwinski
Current Title: Senior Geoscientist II
Education: BSc (Hons) Physics, Imperial College, London
Relevant Job Experience: 35 years of oilfield experience - to date Stavanger, Norway Snr. Petrophysicist
Apr-2007 – June 2015 Stavanger, Norway Sr.GeoScientist
Nov-2004 - Apr-2007 Baku, Azerbaijan Snr.Petrophysicist
Jan-2002 - Nov-2004 Stavanger, Norway S.Log Analyst
May-1998 - Jan-2002 AbuDhabi, UAE Snr. Log Analyst
Feb-1995 - May-1998 Khobar, Saudi Arabia Sales Engineer
Jun-1994 - Feb-1995 Kuwait Log Analyst
Mar-1988 - Jun-1994 Aberdeen, Log Analyst
Feb-1980 - Mar-1998 North Sea locations General Field Eng

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