A Petrophysical Potpourri

A Petrophysical Potpourri

by Torbjörn Carlson, A/S Norske Shell

will be presented on the 2 nd of October, 2013, at 11:00, at the Solastranden Gård


The plan is to cover three subjects:

  • Using Quadrant or Image Derived Resistivity and Density to enhance evaluation in high deviation wells.
  • Kv/kh from core and issues around this
  • Determination of incidence angle by comparison of total GR from LWD with modeled GR response. (Method for determining landing angle during drilling of well using total GR only to determine the angle between borehole and formation)

The subjects are really quite basic but hopefully they will trigger some ideas and discussion

Torbjörn Carlson, CV

Torbjörn Carlson is currently working as a petrophysicist with A/S Norske Shell. He has a Master in Mining Engineering from Luleå University, Sweden in 1980. After joining Shell International in 1980 he has worked for them since, first with Operations and as Drilling Engineer in Norway, Australia and the Netherlands until 1986, and then as a petrophysicist in a number of places and positions (e.g. the Netherlands, London, Copenhagen (seconded to Mærsk), Calgary, Libya, and presently in Norway).