NMR: A refresher! (Edmund Smith, Baker Hughes)

NMR: A refresher!

by Edmund Smith, Baker Hughes

presented on the 8 th of January, 2013


This lunch and learn will aim to provide a practical refresher on NMR interpretation, starting with understanding your ‘field print’. Followed by a brief explanation of NMR porosity, permeability models and ‘relaxation’. Before spending time explaining the differing types of NMR spectra, and how knowing what type of spectra you are viewing will aid your interpretation. Finally 2D NMR will be discussed.

Edmund Smith, CV

Edmund Smith graduated with an MSc In sedimentology from the University of Reading in 1996, and entered the oil industry as a sedimentologist, He then moved to Baker Hughes Geoscience Group (Aberdeen) in 2006, where he undertakes borehole image, NMR and acoustic log interpretation.

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