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Stavanger Monthly Technical Meeting

The next Stavanger monthly meeting will be at 11:00 on Wednesday the 30th of May, 2018, at the Solastranden Gård.

Please note that the next NFES technical meeting is arranged one week earlier to avoid having the meeting at the same time as the SPWLA event in London.

The use of new LWD High Resolution Ultrasonic Imaging Tool to Unlock the Reservoir Potential

by Davide, Weatherford

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NFES Årsmøte (Annual General Meeting) 2018

The annual general meeting (Årsmøte) of the Norwegian Formation Evaluation Society (NFES) will be held in public on Wednesday, 30th of May 2018 at 10:15am in the Solastranden Gård prior the technical meeting.

The following agenda below is tentative and additional concerns can be addressed to the board prior the meeting or under the AOB section.

NFES Annual General Meeting 2018


  1. Approval annual & financial report 2017
  2. Relief past and reconfirm NFES board of 2018/19,
  3. Membership status report
  4. SPWLA charter agreement
  5. Technical meetings & one day seminar (Any topic suggestions for the one day seminar is most welcome)
  6. Sponsorship status – how can we achieve the required budget
  7. Field trip status & plan,
  8. AOB.

All members are cordially invited to participate in order to ensure that all decisions are made based on our members interest.

Kind regards,
Board of the Norwegian Formation Evaluation Society (NFES)

NFES Field Trip

NFES Field Trip 2018

Dear NFES colleague

Please find below some practical information about the planned NFES Field Trip to Peloponnese, Greece, scheduled for the period of 20th through 24th September (Thursday through Monday), 2018.

Field trip guide will be Matthew Reppert, Petrophysicist with Neptune Energy, who will take us through a varied and interesting agenda. As before, the program will comprise a mix of geology, history, and culture, as well as the inherent social aspect.

For more information about the field excursion download the PDF using the link below. More details will be provided later.

The total number of participants is limited upwards to 15, on a first come first serve basis, starting on Wednesday, May 23rd (i.e. earlier sign-ups will be discarded). Sign-up deadline is set to EOB Thursday, May 31st.

Cost (including travel and diet) is expected to be well within a total of max. 14 kNOK per person, of which 2 kNOK will be sponsored by NFES. All participants will have to be NFES 2018 paying members.

Please note that any sign-up will not be considered valid until an accompanying payment of a NOK 1000 deposit has been made to the NFES bank account:


P.O. Box 561 Madla


Account No. 3206.17.03119

Please mark your payment with your name & 'Field Trip 2018' (IMPORTANT!!) and DON’T FORGET to send immediately a confirmation to , confirming the bank transaction, thus ensuring a rapid registration of your payment and sign-up.

The deposit will be deducted from the final invoice which will be sent out after the trip. Please note that in case of cancellation of participation after the sign-up deadline the deposit will not be refunded.

Furthermore, to keep travel cost at a minimum flight tickets will be booked at lowest cost with no refund from the air carrier company. Hence, in case of later cancellation of participation the flight ticket will unfortunately also have to paid for by the participant.

For the NFES Field Trip Committee

Alv Aanestad

NFES Travels

Download the PDF

Dear NFES member

If you haven't paid for 2018 yet, please pay your dues asap (NOK 600) if you want to continue receiving our monthly invitations.

We want to emphasise that the dues are still very low and cover about the cost of one single lunch.

Finally, we would kindly ask members who haven't paid dues yet to refrain from attending the lunches until the dues have been paid.

On behalf of the NFES Board,
Thanks and best regards,
Dler Mirza
NFES VP Membership