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Supercharging Assessment in Formation Pressure Measurements Made While Drilling by Deliberately Pulsed Circulation

by Maria Cecilia Bravo, Schlumberger

was presented on Wednesday the 7th of September 2016.


Supercharging is increased sand face pressure caused by drilling fluid filtrate leak-off. It has been long recognized that supercharging is one of the key fact geoscientists will live with for low permeability formations. North Sea chalk reservoirs, in general, exhibit good porosity; however they have poor permeability because of small pores. The use of modelling techniques to estimate supercharging considering deliberately altered wellbore conditions will be discussed.

Maria Cecilia Bravo, CV

Maria Cecilia Bravo is a senior reservoir engineer with Schlumberger, currently Associate Reservoir Domain Champion for Norway and Denmark. In that role she is involved within the Drilling Group to support Formation Pressure and Sampling While Drilling operations. She completed a BSc degree in the Simon Bolivar University in Venezuela and obtained Master of Science Degree in Petroleum Engineering from Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh. She started in Schlumberger 8 years ago as an Field Engineer then joined the Reservoir Engineering team supporting downhole pressure and fluid sampling analysis for offshore operations in Norway, UK, Denmark, Netherlands, Turkey and Romania.